Outdoor Jacuzzi

Our 16 square meters Jacuzzi, with an open sky and the view of ancient Boddhi Tree, is ready for all guests to relax and relieving their stress.


Our cozy, air-conditioned, and WIFI-covered lobby is decorated with authentic, wooden furniture and many antiques for visitors to appreciate. Guests could simply walk around and view our antiques, such as ancient gong, slave contract document, old cameras and photos, typewriter, etc.

Dining & Meeting Room

The air-conditioned dining room is open for all guests. Guests could enjoy their breakfast here in the morning, or could reserve this room for a meeting in the afternoon after breakfast time.


Guests could enjoy our variety of breakfast buffet from 7.30 – 10.30 am. Baan Vajra also offers four choices of Asian and Western

a-la-carte breakfast, where guests could choose their preference when checking-in.

Pork Congee

Served with Asian stir fried
cabbage, with a choice of
egg or no egg

American Breakfast.

Includes sunny side-up or
scramble eggs, sausages, bacons, and waffles.

Roasted Pork 

Served with egg, steamed jasmine rice,

and Asian stir fried cabbage. 

Tom Kha Gai / Hed

  (Chicken or Mushroom)
Served with Thai omelette, steamed jasmine rice, and Asian stir fried cabbage. 

Reading Room

Our air-conditioned reading room, with a view of ancient Boddhi Tree outside the window, is available for all guests to quietly read or work.

Home Elevator

Baan Vajra offers a home elevator for luggage and people in need. The elevator is fully equipped with safety system and secured mechanism. Guests who stay in the Classical Building are welcomed to use this facility for their comfort and convenience, but a clear instruction by the staff before usage is a requirement.


Our green garden with Boddhi Tree is perfect for all guests to sit and relax, or enjoy their breakfast while having tea or coffee. coffee in the morning.